What Is A Certified Diamond, Glitzkoin And DiaEx Explain

Before we get into the details about certified diamonds, let us make a few clarifications. This video refers to natural and not synthetic or fake diamonds.

Natural diamonds are created by nature, this explains why their optical and physical properties can vary widely. Diamonds are rare and expensive and the multibillion dollar industry, realizes the importance of accurately grading the stone.

Many of you might be aware that, the 4C parameters of a diamond influence the quality and price of the stone. The 4Cs of a diamond are color, clarity, cut and carat (weight in carats). In general, it is the owner of the diamond that assesses the four parameters for each stone.

It is not hard to visualize that, sellers could overstate the 4C values of their stones – this with the hope of getting a better price for their diamonds. We fortunately have an option where, reputed diamond testing labs inspect and certify diamonds. Diamonds that go through this process, are referred to as certified diamonds.

A reputed diamond testing lab should provide, an independent and accurate assessment. There are close to a hundred diamond testing labs across the globe, no more than 8 to 10 of these are internationally recognized. Certified diamonds from these testing labs, are generally preferred by professional and casual diamond buyers.

Besides the 4C parameters of a diamond, testing labs generally provide details like the authenticity (synthetic or natural) and treatment if any, that has been applied to the tested stone.

This video has been published by Glitzkoin, the first diamond blockchain to be promoted by a diamond veteran.  The DiaEx diamond trading platform which is an important component of the Glitzkoin project, restricts listings to natural and certified diamonds.

We will be back with more tips and notes related to the glittering diamond industry. Stay tuned to the Glitzkoin Youtube Channel