The DiaEx Diamond Exchange Can Expand Diamond Markets

The DiaEx diamond exchange is designed to support B2B and B2C transactions indiamond trade. Diamond markets have in recent years, seen a rather flat demand trend. This even when the supply of diamonds, has been adequate.

It is clear that any effort to positively impact the 90 billion dollar industry, should focus on improving the demand for the glittering stone. The DiaEx diamond exchange is part of the Glitzkoin diamond blockchain project. Unlike most

blockchain projects that take shape in the minds of tech gurus, Glitzkoin is the brainchild of second generation diamond veteran – Navneet Goenka.

Features have been built into the DiaEx application to improve efficiency and market scope in the multibillion dollar industry. The DiaEx platform aims to boost the confidence of buyers both, professional and casual.

  • Diamond buyers and sellers of all sizes and located anywhere in the world, can participate on the DiaEx trading platform.
  • It is only diamonds certified by a recognized testing lab that, will be allowed to list on the exchange. This ensures that synthetic and fake diamonds do not make their way to the trading platform.
  • The inventory listed on the DiaEx exchange would include stones from every corner of the globe. This allows buyers to select from a large range of gems, competition will ensure that diamonds are not overpriced.
  • Buyers review information exactly, as detailed by the seller. No middlemen, no price inflation and no price cloaking. This is something that, conventional diamond trade can never deliver. Traditionally diamond trade has always been dominated by middlemen.
  • The 4C parameters for each diamond are impartially and accurately assessed, in the diamond certificate. This removes room for guessing, ambiguity and misrepresentation of these important parameters.
  • Use of the Glitzkoin GTN token to settle payments on the DiaEx exchange, makes it easier for buyers to complete their payment obligations. Crypto payments are faster and also very economical.

Besides improving buyer sentiment, the DiaEx diamond trading platform will also prove beneficial for sellers. Glitzkoin will actively promote the platform and highlight its benefits to both, buyers and sellers. It would not be wrong to say that, the diamond exchange would level the playing field for diamond buyers and sellers of all sizes.

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