Sell Diamonds On The DiaEx Diamond Exchange By Glitzkoin

The Glitzkoin diamond blockchain project, originated from the mind of second generation diamond veteran, Navneet Goenka. As word of the first diamond blockchain to be promoted by an industry insider spreads, sellers are keen to have more details. One of the main objectives of the Glitzkoin project is to improve, efficiency and market scope for the multibillion dollar industry. This report talks about the main elements of the project from the viewpoint of a seller. 

DiaEx Highlights For Sellers:

  • The Glitzkoin project includes a comprehensive diamond trading platform nicknamed, DiaEx.
  • Diamond buyers and sellers both, casual and professional can transact B2B or B2C on this platform. 
  • The geographic location of the seller becomes irrelevant as buyers, located at any point on the globe can transact on the DiaEx platform. 
  • The DiaEx exchange restricts listings to natural and certified diamonds. A list of testing labs that have been shortlisted are mentioned in the system. Sellers will need to upload a scanned image of the certificate for each diamond being listed.
  • Glitzkoin has explicitly ruled out the listing or trade in synthetic diamonds on the DiaEx trading platform. 
  • The mode of payment on the platform is the GTN token. This eliminates the problem of cumbersome banking procedures and multiple currencies. 
  • Information regarding the features of the DiaEx diamond exchange, will be actively promoted. This will help create a robust marketing environment for diamonds. Diamond sellers will get better exposure for their listed merchandise. 
  • An added benefit of a diamond certificate, relates to the accurate assessment of the 4Cs of the stone. This boosts buyer confidence and works to the advantage of the seller. 
  • Diamonds listed on the DiaEx platform, will be reviewed and purchased by real buyers. This eliminates the problem of middlemen and brokers. 

The above notes summarize the main features of the Glitzkoin DiaEx diamond trading platform, now a look at the benefits that a seller would derive by transacting on the exchange. 

Benefits For Sellers: 

  • Sellers of all sizes and located at any point in the world, can showcase their diamonds to buyers spread across the globe. 
  • Insisting on diamond certification, rules out fakes and synthetics, the DiaEx platform improves buyer confidence. Even first time buyers who generally deal through middlemen, would feel comfortable to transact on the Glitzkoin exchange. 
  • The 4C parameters of a stone, will be objectively and accurately defined in the diamond certificate. Buyers can be sure that, a specific diamond is a perfect match for their requirements.  
  • Since buyers would deal directly on the DiaEx platform, the absence of middlemen will deliver a more realistic price. This is almost impossible in conventional trade. 
  • With no banking hassles to settle payment, using the GTN token would make the entire payment process cheaper, easier and faster. 

Interestingly the $90 billion diamond industry, has been facing lukewarm markets for a few years. While not all this could be blamed on inefficiencies and internal operational issues, Glitzkoin has identified major areas that would benefit from the powerful features of the latest blockchain technology. The DiaEx trading platform is poised to deliver the first, positive change to the glittering industry in decades.