GTN Makes Impressive Gains In 2020, CEO Navneet Goenka Explains Why

Since the beginning of 2020 the Glitzkoin GTN token has seen a jump from $0.233 USD on Jan 1st to $0.389 on Feb 13th. . This 66% increase is impressive as it comes on top of the gains that were steady in 2019. GTN finished 2019 with an ROI of 25% as calculated by CoinMarketCap. The current ROI for the token (25 Feb 2020) stands at an amazing 97%. [GTN On CoinMarket Cap

This continued growth is due to the foundation created with the development of the DiaEx (diamond trading platform) and the necessary integration required by the Myticket-Glitzkoin deal.

Altcoins have seen a positive outlook in early 2020, the Glitzkoin Telegram channel also held this view during the 2019 year end chats. Members believed that GTN will both appreciate and consolidate due to the Myticket-Glitzkoin deal and DiaEx Diamond trading platform integration.

As Glitzkoin is one of the currently traded Altcoins the increased demand for GTN was related to a general increase for all Altcoins by many analysts. Serious investors on the Glitzkoin Telegram channel, that closely followed GTN, had differing opinions. They focused on the fundamental differences between GTN and many other Altcoins.

When asked about the price increase and the two major launches coming to Glitzkoin within the first half of 2020, Glitzkoin CEO Navneet Goenka had this to say, “… to begin with GTN has rarely followed market trends since it started trading in July 2018. Investors in the token have analyzed the project very carefully and realized that, it is a medium to long term investment. The nearing of the Myticket-Glitzkoin implementation and the scheduled launch of DiaEx, have created a positive environment for the GTN. This has translated into purchases and it should continue to do so …”

While no one could predict any crypto with 100% accuracy, the current consensus of both the Glitzkoin CEO and active GTN investors remain positive.