DiaEx Diamond Trading Platform Highlights – Glitzkoin Explains

The DiaEx diamond trading platform is one of the important components of the, Glitzkoin diamond blockchain project. The platform is designed to facilitate both B2B and B2C trade and operates, on advanced blockchain technology. 

The Glitzkoin project makes a direct connect to the multibillion dollar diamond industry and is focused on, improving productivity and market scope for the glittering stone. The features built into the DiaEx diamond trading platform, are aimed at eliminating many of the inefficient and unproductive practices that have plagued the industry for decades. 

DiaEx Highlights:

•Built using advanced blockchain technology, DiaEx supports both B2B and B2C trade in diamonds. 

•Diamond traders located anywhere in the world and of any size, can operate directly on the DiaEx diamond trading platform. 

•The supply chain for diamonds has for long, been dominated by middlemen and brokers, entities that do little more than, add their commissions to the price tag. With traders interacting directly with the DiaEx platform, there is no room for middlemen. 

•DiaEx solves the issue of trade in fake diamonds by, restricting listings to natural diamonds that have been certified. 

•Despite the current market hype being spun around synthetic diamonds, Glitzkoin has clearly confirmed that, there is no room for synthetic diamonds on the DiaEx platform. 

•By insisting on certification from a handpicked set of reputed diamond testing labs, DiaEx removes the possibility of sellers overstating the quality (4C parameters) of their stones. 

•By opening up the diamond trading platform to traders across the globe, DiaEx gives prospective diamond buyers, a larger range of diamonds to choose from. 

•Glitzkoin answers the longstanding wish of diamond traders, for a mode of payment that did not involve the banking system. The GTN token is the designated mode of payment on the DiaEx trading platform. 

•By using the GTN token to settle payments on DiaEx, diamond traders are relieved from the challenges, brought about by multiple currencies and their conversion. 

•Most of the features incorporated in the DiaEx platform, will work to improve market sentiment for the glittering stone – this by boosting buyer confidence. 


Implementation: The development and testing phase of the DiaEx platform has been completed a while ago. Diamond traders had requested for a crypto exchange that, was easier to navigate than Stellarport. This solution was delivered in March 2019 when, DOBITRADE one of the leading high volume crypto exchanges, agreed to list the GTN token. 

With the DOBITRADE exchange integration due to be completed in April 2019, GTN participants will soon be able to trade the token on Stellarport and DOBITRADE. We might add here that, more exchange listings are likely to be announced through the year (2019). 

The DiaEx diamond trading platform will be fully operational a short while after, the DOBITRADE integration with the GTN token is completed – this should be well within the second quarter of 2019. 







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