DiaEx Diamond Exchange, Highlights And Benefits


The Glitzkoin blockchain project is focused on improving efficiency and market reach for the multibillion dollar diamond industry. The DiaEx diamond exchange is a key component of Glitzkoin and is designed to facilitate, B2B and B2C trade in the glittering stone. 

We talk about the highlights of the DiaEx trading platform in this video. 


  • Diamond buyers and sellers of all sizes and irrespective of their geographic location, can participate on the platform. 
  • Listings on the DiaEx exchange are limited to certified diamonds, no fakes and no synthetics. 
  • As participants interact directly with the platform, there is no scope for middlemen and brokers. 
  • In the absence of middlemen, there is no scope for price cloaking and inflation. Buyers see the price exactly as quoted by the seller. 
  • The Glitzkoin GTN token is the designated mode of payment on the DiaEx exchange. This eliminates the high cost and delays of working with the banking system. Logistics related to multiple currencies and their conversion, are also eliminated. 

Glitzkoin happens to be the first diamond blockchain to be promoted by a diamond veteran. The project strategically maps the weaknesses of the glittering industry, with the powerful features of blockchain technology and digital currencies. 

We might mention here that, Glitzkoin is the first diamond blockchain to be promoted by a diamond veteran. The crypto world realizes the importance of the strategic connection between, the project and a real world business. This explains why seasoned crypto traders, continue to strongly support the project and actively trade the GTN token on the exchange. 


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