Buying Diamonds On DiaEx, The Advantages. Glitzkoin Explains.

DiaEx is a fully functional blockchain based diamond trading platform. The DiaEx exchange is part of the Glitzkoin project and has been designed by experts from the diamond industry. Buyers and sellers located at any point on the globe, can transact directly on the platform – no brokers or middlemen. 

Professional and novice diamond buyers, can take advantage of a number of features that have been incorporated into the DiaEx diamond exchange. One of the prime objectives of the Glitzkoin project, is to improve market sentiment and boost market confidence for the precious stone.

Advantages For Diamond Buyers:

A large selection of diamonds to choose from, convenient to review online. 

Displayed prices are quoted by the seller, no possibility of price inflation. 

Buyers of all sizes and irrespective of their location can participate. 

The supply chain excludes middlemen and brokers. 

Only diamonds certified from reputed testing labs are listed. 

No room for synthetic or fake diamonds, certification ensures authenticity. 

Unbiased and accurate description of the 4C parameters for each stone. 

Payment process handled through GTN token, no banking requirements. 

It is important to understand that, the above advantages will be of interest to regular and casual diamond buyers. The conventional supply chain for diamonds is dominated by middlemen, this results in price cloaking and inflation. The definition of the 4C parameters is often, bent by the seller to suit his or her business interests. Diamond certification provides a clear and unbiased assessment of the features of each stone. All diamonds listed on DiaEx come with an authentication certificate. 

We spoke about casual or novice diamond buyers, the DiaEx has even more importance for such buyers. A couple ready to tie the knot might, set their minds on a one carat diamond ring. In a normal scenario, the purchase would be made from a jewelry store online or offline. The point is that, jewelers add a hefty margin to the price of a diamond. Casual buyers have no way of judging the price of the ring or the diamond. The practice is to keep a budget in mind, look for a ring and choose the piece that fits their budget and liking. Diamond sellers and jewelers, would have no problem in overstating the 4C parameters of the merchandise that they sell. Don’t forget that the issue of fake stones, being passed off as authentic ‘diamonds’ is not unheard of. 

If you read the above paragraph, it will be clear that none of the problems would surface if the diamond purchase was made on the DiaEx diamond platform. It is therefore apparent that both professional and debutant buyers, would benefit by buying a diamond on the Glitzkoin exchange.