DiaEx an important component of the Glitzkoin, diamond blockchain project is a diamond exchange that is designed to support B2B and B2C transactions. The design and features for the exchange, were provided by veterans from the diamond industry.


  • Buyers and sellers of all sizes and located, anywhere in the world can transact on the DiaEx diamond exchange.

  • Listings on the exchange, would be limited to certified diamonds. The application accepts certificates issued, from a set reputed testing labs.

  • Certification will eliminate the possibility of fake diamonds being traded. The certificate will also provide an objective and unbiased, assessment of the 4C parameters of a diamond.

  • Synthetic diamonds will not be allowed to list or trade on the DiaEx platform.

  • Buyers and sellers will transact directly on the platform, there will be no room for middlemen and brokers.

  • The Glitzkoin GTN token will be used to settle payments on the platform.

Diamond Sellers

The DiaEx trading platform will allow sellers, both big and small to showcase their diamonds. Sellers will have access to markets that they would otherwise find hard to reach. Diamond prices will reflect seller quotes, prices will not be inflated as middlemen would not form part of the supply chain. Certified diamonds, the elimination of middlemen, the absence of fakes and synthetics and the fact that prices will not be inflated – will improve buyer sentiments. The deployment of the GTN token as a mode of payment, will make multiple currencies and banking procedures irrelevant.

Diamond Buyers

Buyers both casual and seasoned, would have a large collection of diamonds to choose from. The availability of diamond certificates for all listed stones, would mean that the 4C parameters are correctly stated. The worry of receiving fake diamonds, would be eliminated. Since buyers would be accessing information provided by the seller, the possibility of price cloaking and inflation would be nil. Diamond experts and casual buyers with less than perfect knowledge about diamonds, would both feel comfortable when trading on the DiaEx platform. The payment process would be smooth and quick since, lengthy bank procedures and substantial bank fees would be eliminated. Buyers would pay for their purchases with the GTN token.