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Using industry standard price estimates the DiaEx- Diamond Price Estimator, assesses the approximate market price of a diamond. The estimator has utility for both diamond buyers and sellers. While sellers can get an idea of the price that they should quote for their diamond, buyers will get a clearer picture of how much to spend.

The Diamond Price Estimator could be regarded as a prelude to the soon to be launched, DiaEx Diamond Exchange, but its utility value clearly extends beyond the exchange. Prospective buyers and sellers of the precious stone, could get a good idea of what to ask or spend. This irrespective of whether they execute the transaction on the DiaEx or pick another channel.

For traders operating on the DiaEx Diamond Exchange, the price estimator works as a handy tool to assess market scope and price bandwidth for a diamond. Overpricing or underpricing a diamond can lead to undesirable results. Buyers can also rest assured that, they are not being charged an unreasonable price for the stone that interests them.

the diaEx Advantage

As a Buyer

The fact that only authentic and certified diamonds will be listed on the DiaEx Diamond Exchange, implies that buyers need not worry about fake or synthetic diamonds. With no role to play for brokers and middlemen, challenges like price inflation and cloaking will be eliminated. Access to thousands of listed diamonds competing for a market share will, work to the advantage of the buyer. Buyers settle payments using the GTN crypto token, the process is simpler and quicker.

As a Seller

Once approved, sellers both big and small and irrespective of their geographic location, can list their certified diamonds on DiaEx Diamond exchange . The platform will attract genuinely interested buyers as, brokers and other middlemen men will have no role to play on this diamond exchange. Payment settlements will be smoothly conducted using the GTN crypto token thereby, removing the dependence on cumbersome banking procedures

what is diaEx

DiaEx is a state-of-the art diamond exchange aimed at improving efficiency, profitability and market scope for the multibillion dollar diamond industry. Buyers and sellers of all sizes and located at any point on the globe, can conduct their trade on the platform. DiaEx does much more than merely, bring traders together, the platform implements the GTN crypto token to settle payments. By eliminating middlemen and restricting listings to certified natural diamonds, the diamond exchange inspires confidence and reliability. . International diamond trade can be conducted without, the obstacles that multiple currencies plays on payment procedures.